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Athena Visiting the Muses

by Jacob Willemsz de Wet

the Elder, Dutch, 1650;

Musée des Beaux-Arts, Rouen, Normandy, FRANCE

Future Tree 2 - Survivor Art
by Renée Spencer, Australia

Testimonials - book

Josy Catoggio                                                               March 2010
Host of KPFK's Feminist Magazine for over 30 years

I don’t know anybody who’s done this much in one book. It’s quite extraordinary. Usually people do a book on spirituality, or on violence against women, but Dr. Cat has done it all. That section on mind control from a feminist perspective -- and how it works in relationships -- is completely new. ...And the book is not full of academese, just very straightforward language.


Melissa Chiprin                                                              March 2010

Senior Producer & Host of KPFK's Feminist Magazine

Reading this book has been an amazing experience -- incredibly enlightening, rewarding, fun -- and has provided me with critical information to better understand traumas, the methods used by perpetrators, and ways to heal. I have had many epiphanies while reading. This is a very important book, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

Simon L                                                                         January 2015

Your book cracked open the doors to an otherwise locked mind.

Anonymous                                                                   Fall 2016

I can never thank you enough for how much you've inspired me and made me feel welcomed.  I always speak of you with high regards & pass down your book to all of my friends.  ...Write more books and publish them!

Dear Dr. Cat, March 27, 2017

Thank you for the reply. For 40 years I've blindly benefited from privilege while ignoring the growing emptiness. After 4 decades, I'd arrived at 2 conclusions: that I'm an atheist, and that women are collectively more advanced than men. As a white female-supremacist capitalist atheist man, things are starting to unravel. Thankfully, I discovered you and Riane Eisler. Through your respective works, you've exposed me to a history of thriving egalitarian civilizations and to the historic prevalence of goddess cultures; and you've explained how patriarchy leverages organized religion, linguistics, and force to oppress women. Together, you gave me a framework to understand the resulting emptiness and the drive to help restore balance.

Thank you for doing this work.

Matt Lord

Book as sword and shield, banner, lance, and helm:              June 2021

As a text, Domination is Abomination is a beacon, a guidepost to the path of personal liberation. It is a source of validation and vindication for so many of the silenced pains and inner turmoils of those who have suffered within the paradigm of oppression. Within the empowerment found at the acknowledgment of these experiences, and the plethora of resources provided, I find myself woven in a blanket of support while handed a guide rope to escape the psychic prison of misogyny. From the three levels of assault, one can identify forms of assault upon the body, transgressions past, and anticipate to mitigate and prevent any transgressions that may be attempted in the future. This book is an incitement to activism and self-defense, a salve against a lifetime of gas-lighting and downplay of trauma. In addressing the assaults on the mind, I am now tempered with the clear understanding that this is a political war against women perpetuated by all cultural outlets of media, news, standard narrative, and propaganda. Assault upon the spirit is a call to action and reclamation of the over-arching truth of the human experience known to flourish and prosper when held together by the gynecentric glue of the Divine Feminine. Praise be to Mother Goddess, for we are a web of interwoven ovum and umbilical cords.

           Thank you Dr. Cat, for your time, care and passion in this labor of love, hate, and healing.                                                       Adi Marie, Los Angeles, CA

AntiPornography.org                                                     April 29, 2012


Greetings Dr. Cat! :-)

Thank you so much for your extremely enlightening videos and your powerful work against pornography harms and oppression! AntiPornography.org appreciates your helpful work and participation in the cause more than you can imagine! We look forward to reading your well-researched book and sharing it far and wide! ~ Peace and blessings to you, Founder,





SayNOtoProstitution - YouTube                                     Apr 30, 2012

Hello Dr. Cat. -- Welcome to the team of good people here on the front lines at YouTube, fighting against all forms of sexism, oppression, sexual exploitation & abuse! Best wishes! SayNOtoProstitution ~ Anti-legalization of prostitution.


Tom M                                                                  June 2012
1982 IPF World Powerlifting Champion - Munich Germany
1982, 1983, 1985, 1988 International Strongman Competitor

Your book is incredible.  It's like Excalibur -
- a sword of truth that can be used for good or evil.

Darem Bardales                                   January 2014

Like merciless beams of a rising sun, Domination is Abomination calls for
the collective awakening of a world shadowed by oppression and exploitation.
It reinstates the urgency of present-day feminism and demands intolerance
of all assaults against the human spirit. Arming women and men with solidarity
and social awareness, Domination is Abomination proves itself to be a
critical instrument for revolutionizing society and ourselves.
 P.S. It really is a great book.

Anonymous                                                                    Spring 2015

Dr. Cat is amazing.  She inspired me a lot.  We need powerful women with good spirit and heart as Dr. Cat in our society and the entire world.

Anonymous - Misc.                                                        Spring 2015

- I loved learning about your book.  ...I would have loved to spend more time on it.
- Loved all the books!  Keep them all.  My favorite was your book!  Sooo good.
- The book Domination is Abomination was an incredible book, which really touch[ed] my heart.

David Alas, US Army Veteran                                         05/01/2011
Operation Iraqi Freedom, 07-2008
Operation New Dawn, 09-2010

I really enjoyed reading Domination is Abomination by Dr. Cat. It was so shocking to me and I’m sure to everyone else who has ever read it. I couldn’t put it down. Even though it’s geared towards a female audience, I could relate to most of the book. The trauma and cult/brainwashing sections I re-read over and over. I could not believe what my eyes were reading. It was like I had just come out of a coma. The truth is right there in our face, and the majority of the world is ignorant to it. I never realized how much women go through, throughout the entire world. Everything from the Taliban’s oppression of women in Afghanistan, to the rape of innocent girls in Africa, to the ‘honor killings’ in Iran, to the brutal assaults on women here in the United States -- is all connected to the domination of the female species. I feel disgusted that something like this has been going on for thousands of years!

            My only gripe is that I want to know more. "Knowledge is power." I would love to read the entire dissertation instead of this shortened version. Other than that, it’s perfect. This book has the potential to change the world. I feel that strongly about it. All the facts are around us; we just need to open our eyes and see the truth. I will definitely be buying copies of the book in the near future to pass along to my family and friends (signed copy perhaps?). I hope that they too will be inspired and continue to pass along this information. In the end, that’s really what reading this book was -- an awakening of the body, mind and spirit. I pray and hope that it catches like wildfire among my fellow humans. It may not be in this lifetime that I see change, but I’m happy that maybe I can be a part of it.

Hello Dr. Catherine,                                                      Sat 2/11/2012 2:44 PM

I'm not sure if you remember me, but I
purchased your book a few weeks ago. I just finished reading it this morning and I felt the desperate need to thank you for writing it. Some of the atrocities you covered in your research happened to me when I was younger and continued on with the most recent one being a couple of months ago. For the longest time, I couldn't grasp the nature of the situation nor
could I understand myself. Your research provided me with the foundation I needed to begin my personal journey of recovery. Because you pointed out the link between violent acts and the people who commit them to be society, this answered one of my fundamental questions of "Where did he get the idea that his behavior was okay?"!! I could go on all day about this, but the point of this e-mail is to say thank you. I feel like it doesn't suffice to what you've done for me, but it's a start. I can't put into words how grateful I am to the woman responsible for my enlightenment.


Shiba B.              

Hi Dr. Cat,                                                                    2012-07-01

What an honor it is to write to you. I am so amazed at your insights and the holistic way that you bring so many things together in your work. ...From what I've just seen online - WOW!

I came across your website after finding one of your videos critiquing porn culture online. I am just so grateful to have found your work! I am a radical feminist who is also into Goddess Spirituality. Like you mentioned in your first pages of your book that are available online for free, it is helpful to have a face of the divine that we can relate to. I think many feminists avoid the spirituality topic because it can be divisive. However, I think it is key to address it -- not in a dogmatic way, but just to offer the alternative and make people aware that there are alternative female faces of the divine. I wish I had found Goddess earlier. I just ordered the book and I'm so thrilled that Diana/Artemis is on the cover.

I am passionate about co-creating a kinder world. I recently attended the Stop Porn Culture slideshow training in San Diego and am looking to get more involved in feminist activism. I am an animal rights educator/activist, yoga and meditation instructor, and enthusiast for the many benefits of a love-filled vegan lifestyle. In my presentations, I use a radical feminist lens and also reference Eisler's work. I see domination of animals and women to be a result of the dominator/patriarchal mindset. I live in Orange County and would love to attend any workshops you offer.

Thank you for being 'on your path' and for all you're doing to co-create a kinder world for all! Thank you for the inspiration!

With love and gratitude,
Charlotte Cressey, Orange County, CA

Hi Dr Cat,                                                                      2012-08-02

I feel as though you have saved me.  I honestly thought I was never going to find a way to heal from 13 years of being in an abusive relationship (with the father of my two children).   In hindsight, I can see how all the 'setting up' of dominance was there right from the start, but I didn't realize just how bad things were until I tried to leave the relationship. 

Like many women I struggled to work through feelings of shame, guilt and embarrassment, before confidently labeling what I had experienced as domestic violence and rape.  Once I did, post-traumatic stress engulfed me like flames.  I would fall asleep sobbing and wake up in tears.  Sometimes it was obvious I was having flashbacks, whereas other times I had no idea what had come over me.  At work I felt like a zombie and I avoided people as much as possible (not good when you're a teacher), and there were many occasions when I would spontaneously start crying when someone asked me how I was.  But I couldn't explain to them what was happening or why I had suddenly become an emotional wreck; I did not understand it myself. 

Now I understand...  I believe that speaking out is the best step forward I can take.  I hope that by opening up and sharing my experiences, I can give permission to other women to do the same.  I feel confident that I can go forth and trust people again because I know not everyone is like that, and I am learning how to look out for the signs.

Thanks again, and Goddess Bless,

Renée Spencer


Dr. Cat,                                                                         June 2012

I am so grateful to have met you and to have been inspired to grow so deeply by your passion!  You and your book have set me in motion to make changes in my life, to wake up, to see more clearly, and to kick some butt.  My fire is lit and my strength is building.  I am ready to move forward no longer as a girl but as a woman.  Thank you! 

Valerie S.

Biana B.                                                                         May 2011


            Growing up female, I was aware on some levels of sexism in our society. Different forms of abuse were thriving in my friends’ homes as well as my own. The abuse was verbal or physical; the victim was the mother or daughter. My peers confided in me experiences of molestation and rape. These incidents of oppression occurred on a conscious level, yet the most shocking discovery is that oppression was also occurring on an unconscious level. I was being oppressed more than I could fathom. Through culture and society, I was brainwashed.

           My Russian culture has instilled in me the idea of a nuclear family: get married and have kids. In the past, when speaking of my future plans of continuing education and having no children, my family was appalled, filling my mind with insults like, “You’re just saying that because you’re immature; you’ll want kids later.” No one I spoke to was respectful or supportive; instead they dubbed me selfish and young. After reading Domination is Abomination, I saw that they weren’t intentionally rude, merely ignorant and culturally conditioned.


The levels of attack on the mind described in Dr. Cat’s book, Domination is Abomination, are frightening. Reading the methods and techniques sent chills down my spine and hit too close to home. Only those who have experienced this can grasp how real these methods are. ...Men have worked to instill fear so as to limit my choices. Yet this fear is not questioned, simply repeated and reinforced.

Finally, the main arguments against porn left me in disgust, particularly Playboy’s connection to child porn. I have been a victim of being objectified by a man and pretending to ‘like’ it. Low self-esteem and the fear of seeming a prude only served to encourage this to the extent that I began to question what I actually liked -- until I found the source rooted in my father’s abuse.

            These and other issues flooded me with anger... but an awakening kind of anger. My ignorance is slowly being replaced with liberation, and I can only hope to find more of that peace within the book.

Mythological Scene by Dosso Dossi, Italian, 1524;
J. Paul Getty Museum, L.A., CA

Nike, the Goddess of Victory, appears below in the clouds,

alongside Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom (right).