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Teaching - Evaluations

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What did you like best about this learning experience?

- There is an inclusivity in this class that I have not yet seen in any other college course I have taken.

Dr. Cat makes all voices feel heard, and gives everyone equal opportunity for success.

- I have learned so much about life & I have grown TREMENDOUSLY as a human thanks to Dr. Cat's classes. Most inspiring teacher ever & role model & a gem to [this institution].

- I've yet to have a learning experience like this. Dr. Cat gives her students the most information possible to develop their own ideas & thoughts. She gives all her students equal opportunity. She teaches & reaches you on a personal level & makes learning fun & emphasizes the importance of education. She is not only a wonderful teacher but human [being]. I've been able to take her lessons to help me in my personal life. She has changed my life.

- Dr. Cat encourages all students to be open and share opinions & ideas. There is a very safe classroom environment that allows the students to expand their brains.

- The books that were chosen and the discussions following the readings were helpful in my academic and mindful growth. Dr. Cat's class enlightened and fortified me beyond the requirements of the Western educational system.

- By far one of the best class experiences I have ever had. Dr. Cat made the material interesting… . The material presented could honestly be applied to any subject and real life events.

- Our group discussions have been my favorite college experience.

- The open and interesting Socratic discussions.

- You made me feel like a part of something bigger. I learned to voice my opinions to my peers perhaps not in the classroom, but definitely outside. I liked best that there was a class dedicated to ethnic lit.

- What I liked best about this learning experience was the personal essay and storytelling that happened in the middle of the semester. All the critical thinking and all the amazing books we read over the semester.

- The amount of critical thinking encouraged by the instructor.

- I loved the energy Dr. Cat evoked out of herself and the class. I loved the ability to openly express ourselves about things (politics mostly) that created a stir in our lives.


Any suggestions for improvement?

- No. The classes are all superbly structured & all is flowing & information / readings are very thought-provoking.

- I like hands-on projects. I've never been so engaged in a lecture before, so she does a fantastic job at the way she teaches.

- Honestly, nope.

- Play music at the beginning of class.

- Write more books and publish them!

- Honestly, no, keep the classroom as it is. This has been one of the top 3 courses I've ever taken [here]. It's very straight-forward, welcoming, thoughtful, & WOKE!

- Stay the same! Never change!

- I cannot bring myself to suggest any ideas to someone who is already perfect.

- Add more intersectionality.

- Uh…no!


Any additional comments?

- Dr. Cat is the most extraordinary professor I've had [here] or anywhere. She is very deeply inspiring and wise.

- Dr. Cat is probably one of the most educated professors that I have been blessed to have experienced.

- She teaches you the basics & where the subject matter stems from & I think that is very important for success & most teachers don't do that.

- Dr. Cat is a very motivational and encouraging individual. She sparked my interest in psychology more than ever. She knows her stuff & inspires me to become an even better writer/rhetorician. Thank you!

- Dr. Cat is absolutely incredible. The way she provides a safe space for us is unlike any classroom experience I've had.

- She's my favorite teacher.

- I can never thank you for how much you've inspired me and made me feel welcomed. I always speak of you with high regards & pass down your book to all of my friends.

- Dr. Cat is one of the best professors at [X] !!! She made me have a different perspective about life and the world around us. I read five amazing, life-changing books because of her class.

- This class is a safe space for all students. Prof. Cat is a great professor.

- Pay her more!



What did you like best about this course?

- Everything!!! I have learned far more in this class than in any other class EVER. The material being covered throughout the semester can be used throughout my life. This class, and you, are a true blessing.

- The professor. She brings life to anything we discuss in class.

- I loved that the course focused on things that actually benefit our lives, that it inspired self-discovery.

- I didn't only study English literature, but also I learned about life. One of my best courses I have taken through my studying at [this institution].

- I learned many life lessons that I would have never expected to learn. Loved it.

- I LOVED the emotional literacy part of the course. I am very interested in how the mind works, so that part of the class has answered a lot of my burning questions.

- The lectures were always elevated, intellectual and raw -- in a good way! I also enjoyed the class group readings of our narratives. Topics and class discussions varied, and viewpoints were respected. I believe this was only such because of the dynamic of our group's openness to Dr. Cat's energy.

- This class was so high quality and academic. I felt I took a class at a prestigious university.

- Listening to other students read their papers regarding their struggles and personal triumphs in life.

- What I love the most about this class is that you took me on a journey; you took me to this path for which I am so grateful. The path on which I got the chance to meet my self by writing about things that no one knew. Thank you.


What did you like best about this instructor?

- Everything -- comedy, serious when appropriate, knowledgeable, and she genuinely cares about her students.

- The amount of enthusiasm showed each and every week. The ability to keep an evening class this lively is an amazing gift.

- The amazing energy that was present throughout every class, EVERY CLASS, was incredible. To meet someone who shares such an enlightened view of the world was an incredible experience, and I will be eternally grateful.

- She chose literature that applies to life, that is useful and unfortunately not taught at a younger age. AWESOME personality & vibe & punctuality.

- What I liked best about the class is the text that was chosen, which has relevance to our personal lives and guidance on how to assist with bettering our lives and future.

- She is one of the best instructors I have ever met. Dr. Cat is amazing. …She inspired me a lot. ...We need powerful women with good spirit and heart as Dr. Cat in our society and the entire world.

- Dr. Cat is honest, real, dedicated and passionate. I never felt like a mere j.c. student -- through elevated lectures [and] real, connected conversations. You made me feel special and cared for through all interactions.

- She is very interactive and open-minded. A+.

- She is empowering.

- Great sense of humor.

- What I liked best about this instructor was her humor. She was funny and didn't make the class feel long and boring. She is very intelligent, and she really cares about her students and teaching things that will be useful beyond this class!

- The professor had an excellent personality to keep the students engaged.

- What's not to like about you? You are awesome -- a great instructor, a great listener, and a great human being with a big heart.


Any suggestions for improvement re books, assignments, etc.?

- All applicable to real life.

- Each one was perfect.

- I loved learning about your book. …I would have loved to spend more time on it.

- I am not capable of making such suggestions to someone who lives and breathes this curriculum.

- Loved all the books! Keep them all. My favorite was your book! Sooo good.

- The book Domination is Abomination is an incredible book, which really touch my heart.

- Is less work possible? No, actually the workload isn't too much.

- More homework assignments.

- More meditation?


Any additional comments?

- Thanks for being amazing!

- THANK YOU! You are an incredible soul.

- Enjoyed every class session.

- Life-changing. Thank you.

- I'll miss this class, these classmates, and you!

- Thank you for being you.

- Great work Doctor! You're brilliant, belle, and may the Goddess bless you!

 FALL 2013 - ENGLISH 1


What did you like best about this learning experience?

- This course was a remarkable experience on several levels. I cannot narrow it down to just one. However, one of the experiences that is going to carry over for me is the embracing of spiritual & egalitarian principles. The course's syllabus is very well tuned to current social dynamics, and our instructor has a stellar gift for presenting them in compelling and accessible terms. A+!

- I liked this class for its content and its environment. The material itself was interesting, relevant and beneficial to those who took it seriously. Fortunately this seemed to be the vast majority of the students. The environment in which students share their opinions without fear of ridicule provides an environment in which only beneficial outcomes are possible.

- Before this class started, I had high expectations on developing my writing skills, and I have to say that Dr. Cat's class lived up to them very well. I have not only developed my writing skills, but also this class has educated me more about lifestyle based on the literature we have used. Our essays have been based on personal experiences. I think that topic was therapy for many students.

- Where to begin… The reading was fascinating, and the class discussions even more so. The personal investment on your part really made the experience that much better. Your enthusiasm made me look forward to class each week.

- What I enjoyed most about this learning experience was the structure. The class was very well organized; it followed the syllabus to a tee. I loved that Dr. Cat was so passionate about feminism. I agree with so much of what she presented. I feel this class added to my growth spiritually.

- What I learned in the books you had us read. I was in the dark on some of these topics.

- I loved how enthusiastic the teacher was. I improved on my grammar and essay writing. I loved her lectures; they were clear and not sloppy at all. I liked how much I improved since last year. Getting better grades on my papers is a good thing for me to see.

- That it was personal. Everyone got along, and that made me feel more comfortable.

- I really appreciated a class that taught lessons and suggested reading on current and controversial topics. I feel that I have learned a lot and will be able to use these lessons on emotional intelligence, the American economy, and food every day.

- The psychological involvement. Not only was English made fun, but I would always look forward to Wednesday nights.

- I liked that this was kind of like a community, where people shared ideas and experiences. I got to hear about a lot of things I never would have heard about otherwise. I also liked that no one was shouted down or made to feel like they were stupid for expressing themselves.

- The content of the books that could be applied to life.


Any suggestions for improvement?

- Suggestions? Yes!! Tell [X] faculty to take notes from Dr. Cat! Honestly, I feel like a better person after taking her course, so how can suggestions be made that improve upon that which improves you?

- I think this class was taught well and does not need improvement, even though I'm sure Dr. Cat will continue to improve the curriculum anyways. Overall workload and student expectations were fair and reasonable.

- I do not have any suggestions for improvement. …Do more exercises in class, as 'active listening' for example. Those were great!

- More time to go over texts.

- One book on something positive; these were heavy subjects. Now that I think about it, don't change a thing. We need to know the truth about all the bad around us.

- No. I liked how she taught the class. Actually 2 ten-minute breaks would be nice in a three-hour class.

- Continue as is. The structure so far is easy to comprehend and follow.

- Enjoyed the partnering and listening exercise which I actually applied afterwards. …Also allowed me to catch a glimpse into my partner, which was fun!

- It was a lot of fun, and I can't imagine any way to make it better.


Any additional comments?

- Being a first-semester student, the experience of this course was a perfect way to acclimate back to student life. It helped spark a new level of enthusiasm for my goals both at the personal & professional levels. For that, I am thankful to have studied under Dr. Cat!

- Thanks Dr. Cat!

- Fantastic class.

- Loved this class. Dr. Cat's an amazing prof. Learned valuable life lessons. I would recommend!

- Thank you! I loved your class!

- I just want to thank you for opening people's eyes to the current issues in America and challenging the way we see the world.

- You're my favorite professor I have ever had, and I'm not just saying that to suck-up to you… because you don't know who I am. :-)

- You are a true Goddess -- thank you for what you do and who you are.