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Aqua Surf School, Inc. -- How to Surf -- Surfing Explorations

Big Sur Camping - an Epic Guide - https://outsidehow.com/big-sur-camping.html

Charlotte Cressey -- Earth Energy Yoga, Vegan Wellness, and Animal Rights; 'Embody Love' at CharlotteCressey.com

Dawn Cartwright -- Tantric Spirituality; Santa Monica, CA; DawnCartwright.com

Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now -- pure enlightenment

Esalen Institute at Big Sur, California -- “a center for alternative education, a forum for transformational practices, a restorative retreat, a worldwide community of seekers”; esalen.org

Goddess Temple of Orange County -- Ritual Priestess, Minister & Founder Ava Park -- see YouTube channel.

Insight Center -- Mindfulness Meditation, L.A., CA (Westwood); insightcenter.org

Joanne Jacobs -- Energy Worker; L.A., CA (Silver Lake); 323-662-0938

Judith Herman MD, Trauma and Recovery (1997) -- a book that could change your life if you are a survivor; see also Bessel Van Der Kolk MD, The Body Keeps the Score (2014) -- the 'sequel' to T&R, with new modalities for recovery.  

MARC -- Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA; marc.ucla.edu

Mark Thornton, Meditation in a New York Minute; CA & N.Y. -- simple, clear steps for meditation

Tony LeRoy -- Intuitive Counselor; New York, NY; TonyLeRoy.com

12-Step Programs for substance and process addictions

Videographer, Director -- Trevor Baker; Los Angeles, CA; noizehack.com

Web Design Los Angeles -- LaWebGuru@gmail.com

Women's Rights Organizations -- affiliated with DrCatWoman.com :

     AntiPornography.org - YouTube; AntiPornography.org

     ENDSexTrafficDEMAND - YouTube

     SayNOtoProstitution - YouTube

In addition, I recommend most of the texts discussed in the book, Domination is Abomination (2017), and as listed in the back under References (see Order Book page).  If there is a particular quote that I have cited that resonates with you, then by all means explore that author’s work further.

Nike, the Goddess of Victory, appears below in the clouds,
alongside Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom (right).