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Domination is Abomination: Man's Oppression of Woman
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Woman Power



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Advocate & Activist

Dr. Cat is a champion of the rights of all oppressed groups but focuses primarily on women's rights.  For this reason, she also uses the last name of 'Woman'.    


Educator & Lecturer

As a professor of graduate Psychology and college English Literature, Dr. Cat has taught college and graduate students ages 17-70 for over 25 years (see About Us page).  In June 2019, she won the Award for Adjunct Professor of the Year at the California campuses of TCSPP.  (see Teaching page).  She was also honored by Who's Who of America's Teachers from 2003-2006.  (See Video page above and sample below for videos of lectures on YouTube.)

Author & Radio Personality

Dr. Cat’s theory of oppression is outlined in her book titled Domination is Abomination: Man’s Oppression of WomanAuthor & book are featured on public radio:  on KPFB 89.3 FM & KPFA 94.1 FM in Berkeley, CA -- on Women's Magazine (06 September 2021; 07 December 2020; 06 Jan 2020), and Goddess on the Radio (Jan, Feb, March 2015); and on KPFK 90.7 FM in L.A. -- on Feminist Magazine - Tuesdays 3-4pm (28 April 2010). See Radio page


Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Cat is an LCP, as well as Associate Faculty in the Applied Clinical Psychology Department at TCSPP.  She specializes in trauma-informed therapy, PTSD, CPTSD, and DTD from ACE - Adverse Childhood and Adult Experiences.  See Therapy page.


Dr. Cat has performed opera locally in Los Angeles as a lyric mezzo-soprano and was featured on L.A. 36, Cable Channel for the Classical Arts, in their annual holiday opera concert from 2004-2009.  She also plays acoustic guitar.

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- Excerpt -

Thus the overall thesis of my book in three words or less is that Domination is Abomination. In three words or more, oppression is achieved through domination of the body, mind and spirit; freedom is achieved through their liberation (see below). Furthermore, the causes of trauma in this society are not psychological as much as they are political. The effects, however, are often psychological. That is, the main cause of the majority of psychological illnesses in this world is the global social order of white supremacist, capitalist, sexist, heterosexist, imperialist, patriarchal domination and political oppression of women, minorities, and the poor. We need a new social order to replace the Patriarchal (Dis)Order. That is, we need to establish a new social order based not on hierarchy and domination, but on egalitarianism and equal opportunity -- and we must achieve this through social reform and benevolent revolution. The present social order must be overthrown. Only then will the main causes of trauma truly be eliminated and will mental health truly be conceived and achieved.

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